4 Jun 2014

New Book – Out Now! Towns in Britain by Jones the Planner

Now available in all good bookshops ...

This lavishly illustrated book takes an irreverent, sometimes angry and amusing journey exploring our towns and cities, from Hackney and its hipsters to Rab C. Nesbitt’s Govan, from the screaming incoherence of Cardiff Bay to the alleged idyll of Hertfordshire’s garden cities. Written for the informed general reader, Towns in Britain looks at what is happening to our cities today, and is essential reading for those interested in urban design, architecture, and town and transport planning.

Local Shops
Five Leaves Bookshop – happy sending out copies post free
Five Leaves Bookshop, 14a Long Row, Nottingham, NG1 2DH, 0115 8373097

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The Book
Big Green Bookshop
Brick Lane Bookshop
Daunts (Cheapside)
Daunts (Marylebone)
London Review Bookshop
Edward Stanford
Stoke Newington Bookshop
Tate Britain
Tate Modern
Rough Trade East

Big Shops
Waterstones – varies at local stores, so ask

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Get in touch with Adrian or Chris who are happy to take part in talks or discussions about towns, architecture, planning and urban history related themes or issues.

Example of spreads – Introduction

Towns in Britain will stimulate discussion about important topics which affect us all, the housing crisis, the quality of urban regeneration, place-making and the creation of civilised streets. It challenges current political and planning orthodoxies and the baleful impact that so much recent development has had on our cities. It also confronts popular and media stereotypes which dismiss so much of our built environment as ‘crap towns’ and ‘concrete monstrosities’ and illustrates the value of underrated places.

Example of spreads – Coventry

Example of spreads – Bristol

Example of spreads – Deptford to Woolwich

Towns in Britain expands on the themes of the popular jonestheplanner.co.uk blog. Both are primarily written by Adrian Jones and presented by Chris Matthews. Adrian Jones is a town planner and urban designer, formerly Director of Planning and Transport for the City of Nottingham and member of CABE’s national Design Review Panel.

Published by Five Leaves Publishing.


Grant Butterworth said...

I bought my two copies last week rather than expecting freebies from the old boss.

Fantastic job Adrian the only disappointment was no acknowledgement of my support of the Rochdale contribution......

Have some ideas for volume two already!

Jones the planner said...

Oh dear, one unhappy customer already. Yes, sorry, should have acknowledged your guided tour of Rochdale Grant - did in the blog. I did especially note the helpful Rochdale Town Hall staff, however.

Anonymous said...

Thank You